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Tomato Megablooms

Megablooms are when two or more flowers fuse together to create a single bloom from which larger fruit can form. As they are independent flowers, they have to be individually pollinated and the resulting fruit will normally be misshapen and … Continue reading

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Recipe – Tasty Carrot Soup

Whilst there are many carrot soup recipes, this simple recipe is made tastier by the fact that they are roasted first to give that edge of caramelisation adding a touch of bitterness which is complemented by the bay and rosemary. … Continue reading

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End of the Tomato Season – 2020

The season is over, all the plants are pulled up and the harvest processed, stored and ready for use over the winter. Its been a peculiar year for a number of (largely unrelated) reasons. I terms of the size of … Continue reading

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Split Apples

I don’t normally write about our apple trees (apart from the fight to stop magpies and squirrels eating them) but this is something new to me and shows how the weather has been somewhat strange this year. As you can … Continue reading

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End September 2020 – Really coming to the end of the season

I seem to keep writing that the season is coming to an end, then it doesn’t. More of the tomatoes have finished and the plants have been pulled up but there still seem to be some to come. The outdoor … Continue reading

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2020 – Largest Tomato

Today we picked the largest tomato of the year. Marizol Gold always produces a few large fruit but this year it seems to have excelled itself. 846 grams (1lb 14 oz in old money) on a plant that has been … Continue reading

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Mid September 2020 – The beginning of the end

Whilst there are still quite a few tomatoes still to come, its obvious that the plants are well past their best and we can see that the end of the season is in sight. We pulled up the first of … Continue reading

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Recipe – Simple Tasty Tomato Soup – Deal with the Glut

In August and early September there is always a glut of tomatoes and whilst there are lots of ways of dealing with it, freezing, chutney, sauce, etc. this is another recipe which is also good in September when the days … Continue reading

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Tomato Problems – Wilt

With September with us, I was hoping that the tomato season would be extended through this month and into (at least) next. I usually get tomatoes all the way through until mid-November with the late beefsteak varieties providing something all … Continue reading

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August 2020 – Report so far

Most things are doing fine. The tomatoes are cropping well with much the same weight of tomatoes as the previous couple of years so far. The 2018 crop seemed to peak in a few weeks time so it will be … Continue reading

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