Tomato – Alicante

Alicante – 2012Alicante – Sept 2012Alicante – August 2012Alicante – Sept 2016Alicante – Sept 2016Alicante – Sept 2016Alicante – Sept 2016Alicante – Sept 2016Alicante – Sept 2016Alicante – Aug 2012Alicante – Set 2013Alicante – Sept 2016Alicante – Sept 2013Alicante – Sept 2013Alicante – Sept 2013Alicante – Sept 2013 Description Alicante is a unevenly sized golfball,…… Continue reading Tomato – Alicante

Tomato Abraham Lincoln

A Large Red Indeterminate Beefsteak tomato with Regular Leaves Description We have found a number of different names for Abraham Lincoln [Abe Lincoln; Abraham Lincoln Buckbee; Early Abraham Lincoln]. It is one of the many large, red/pink beefsteak varieties comparable to Red & Pink Brandywine cropping unevenly through the later season (for us it usually…… Continue reading Tomato Abraham Lincoln

Tomato Season Finished

Well, it’s all over. The last of our tomatoes picked and the plants consigned to the compost heap. Its been relatively productive, 32 different varieties (many of them new to us) and over 45kg of fruit (I say over because I didn’t weigh all of the harvest and towards the end of the season, I…… Continue reading Tomato Season Finished

Starting Website Again

We are starting up this website again, the intention is to build something almost identical to our old website but also adding new stuff. It will take a while so bear with us.

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