Harvest – Mid October 2021

The days are drawing in, the evenings are darker and the weather is significantly cooler. However, there are still green tomatoes, some of which seem to be ripening others of which are succumbing to blight. Since the last harvest post we’ve picked another 9kg of tomatoes, four cucumbers, 2kg of carrots, half a kilo each…… Continue reading Harvest – Mid October 2021

Mid June Harvest (19th June 2021)

Ignoring the tomatoes for a while (they’re growing strongly and beginning to set fruit), I’m looking at how everything else is doing. Lots of plants are in the process of strengthening, growing and beginning to set fruit & vegetables but the harvest is a bit slow. Some of the difficulty is down to the weather…… Continue reading Mid June Harvest (19th June 2021)

Weird Flowers and the Effect of a late spring

Yes, its a Foxglove I was wandering around the garden this morning when I saw this. I asked my “expert” what it was and was pointed at a page on the Kew Gardens website (kew.org) from January 2016. It turns out its an example of “terminal peloria” a well known but infrequent spontaneous genetic mutation…… Continue reading Weird Flowers and the Effect of a late spring

Home Gardening – June 2021 Update

Despite the cold and wet May, the tomatoes are all planted up unto their final containers. I haven’t done as many different varieties this year (not really sure why) nor have I as many plants as usual. However, a good mix of indeterminate (cordon) and determinate (bush) will see enough tomatoes for the year (unless…… Continue reading Home Gardening – June 2021 Update

Tomato Sowing – 2021 & Cleaning the Greenhouses

Spring has sprung, the clocks have gone forward and the weather is warming up, my tomatoes have been sown and are beginning to show themselves. As usual, I have sown a mixture of ones I like, ones I haven’t grown before, and some to refresh my seedbank. Selecting the seeds for this last group is…… Continue reading Tomato Sowing – 2021 & Cleaning the Greenhouses

Split Apples

I don’t normally write about our apple trees (apart from the fight to stop magpies and squirrels eating them) but this is something new to me and shows how the weather has been somewhat strange this year. Split Discovery Apples As you can see our apples have split. We have (what I think is) a…… Continue reading Split Apples

Mid September 2020 – The beginning of the end

Whilst there are still quite a few tomatoes still to come, its obvious that the plants are well past their best and we can see that the end of the season is in sight. We pulled up the first of the plants today which (surprisingly) was Summer Cider. Our harvest so far has been much…… Continue reading Mid September 2020 – The beginning of the end