Watering Tomatoes – How to get it Right

Correctly watering your tomatoes through their life can make a big difference to the overall crop. One thing to remember is the old adage “more plants are killed by overwatering than underwatering”. So, what is “overwatering” and how do you prevent yourself doing it? Watering Seeds & Seedlings If we start at the beginning, tomatoes…… Continue reading Watering Tomatoes – How to get it Right

Mid June Harvest (19th June 2021)

Ignoring the tomatoes for a while (they’re growing strongly and beginning to set fruit), I’m looking at how everything else is doing. Lots of plants are in the process of strengthening, growing and beginning to set fruit & vegetables but the harvest is a bit slow. Some of the difficulty is down to the weather…… Continue reading Mid June Harvest (19th June 2021)

Tomato Black Mauri (Black Moor)

A black cherry tomato on indeterminate vines. Description Another cultivar from the 2019 seed swap that we hope to grow for the first time in 2021. It sounds similar to brown berry or black cherry (unless the shape is significantly different). We like black cherry tomatoes because we find they are tastier than the classic…… Continue reading Tomato Black Mauri (Black Moor)

Tomato Craigella

A standard Red tomato on Indeteminate vines Description Another of the selection from the 2019 seed swap that we didn’t have the space to grow, this heritage cultivar is said to be a selection from Ailsa Craig with very similar properties but without the greenback problems. If that’s the case then (unfortunately) it goes on…… Continue reading Tomato Craigella

Tomato Roughwood Golden Plum

An Orange Plum tomato on Semi Determinate Plants Description From the 2019 Seed Swap, another of those we didn’t have space for in 2020. Its described as a Orange Plum tomato with two inch fruits with few seeds which is good for cooking and sauces. It is said to be a cross between Yellow Brandywine…… Continue reading Tomato Roughwood Golden Plum