Greenhouse Posts

Here is a list of all of our posts about our greenhouses & polytunnel.

  • Cherry Tomatoes in July - As the tomatoes start ripening, I’m pleased to see that we’ve grown a range of different colours, particularly in the cherry varieties. The standard and beefsteak tomatoes are yet to really start doing anything but here’s a picture of the … Continue reading
  • July 2020: First Tomatoes ripening - I’m not sure if its just because we are in partial lockdown (we were partially freed yesterday but that doesn’t make me want to go out unnecessarily) but I think I’m watching the tomatoes more closely than usual. Whilst the … Continue reading
  • End June 2020: The Tomato Journey so far - Surprisingly its now 106 days since I sowed most of my tomatoes. Fruit is now set on all but six of the thirty or so cultivars that I sowed but there’s no reason to suspect that the rest won’t set … Continue reading
  • Blight in my greenhouse? - If there’s one word that strikes fear into tomato growers, it has to be “blight”. More people seem to be looking on the internet trying to see if they have blight than almost any other problem. The reason is simple, … Continue reading
  • Tomato Progress & Selection - I’m always trying to think of different ways to compare the different cultivars. In the early days (when I was even keener) I weighed the harvest from each of the different cultivars to see whether there were significant differences that … Continue reading
  • Growing my Tomatoes in lockdown - I’m not sure if I grow tomatoes in the same way as other people. My desire (usually) is to grow as many different varieties as I can fit into the available space and, because of the weather in the UK, … Continue reading
  • Tomato Brad’s Atomic (aka Brad’s Atomic Grape) - A multi-coloured grape shaped cherry tomato on indeterminate vines. Description Another blue/multi-coloured tomato from the 2019 seed swap which we’re growing in 2020 for the first time. According to the web it was developed by Brad Gates the owner of … Continue reading
  • Tomato Blue Ambrosia - A dark/gold cherry tomato on an Indeterminate plant Description From the 2019 seed swap, we are growing this for the first time in 2020. As we get more details, this page will be updated. However, according to the web its … Continue reading
  • Polytunnel now a Netted cover - So, the polytunnel cover was ripped apart by storm Ciara, flapping around and squashing my broadbeans in the process. My original plan was to re-cover and extend it but this proved to be impossible because of reasons beyond my control. … Continue reading
  • 2020 Tomatoes Sown - After Tuesday’s indecision as to what to sow, today (despite the wind and rain) I spent some time in the greenhouse sowing my tomatoes which are now on top of the cupboards in the kitchen (a warm place). My final … Continue reading