Greenhouse Posts

Here is a list of all of our posts about our greenhouses & polytunnel.

  • Growing my Tomatoes in lockdown - I’m not sure if I grow tomatoes in the same way as other people. My desire (usually) is to grow as many different varieties as I can fit into the available space and, because of the weather in the UK, … Continue reading
  • Tomato Brad’s Atomic - A multi-coloured grape shaped cherry tomato on indeterminate vines. Description Another blue/multi-coloured tomato from the 2019 seed swap which we’re growing in 2020 for the first time. According to the web it was developed by Brad Gates the owner of … Continue reading
  • Tomato Blue Ambrosia - A dark/gold cherry tomato on an Indeterminate plant Description From the 2019 seed swap, we are growing this for the first time in 2020. As we get more details, this page will be updated. However, according to the web its … Continue reading
  • Polytunnel now a Netted cover - So, the polytunnel cover was ripped apart by storm Ciara, flapping around and squashing my broadbeans in the process. My original plan was to re-cover and extend it but this proved to be impossible because of reasons beyond my control. … Continue reading
  • 2020 Tomatoes Sown - After Tuesday’s indecision as to what to sow, today (despite the wind and rain) I spent some time in the greenhouse sowing my tomatoes which are now on top of the cupboards in the kitchen (a warm place). My final … Continue reading
  • 2020 Tomato Decisions - Deciding what to tomatoes to grow Continue reading
  • End of October 2019 – Review - Well, we’ve got to the end of October, the clocks have gone back and fireworks are beginning to sound in advance of Guy Fawkes Night. I tend to think about now as the end of the productive year and start … Continue reading
  • End of September 2019 Update - So, we’ve reached the end of September and autumn is beginning to make itself felt. The days are already noticeably shorter and the temperatures are starting to drop. The polytunnel has certainly slowed down, french beans have produced less than … Continue reading
  • End of August 2019 Update - (I forgot to publish this before the end of August but it still makes sense even two weeks later) We’re now at the end of August and the Polytunnel has continued to produce reasonable quantities of various things.But first the … Continue reading
  • End of July Update – 2019 - We’ve come to the end of July and the garden/polytunnel are both doing well with decent harvests of French Beans, Cucumbers and Courgettes adding to the Lettuce (which are still going well). However, the Radishes, Broad Beans and Peas have … Continue reading