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Here is a list of all of our posts about our greenhouses & polytunnel.

  • End of October 2019 – Review - Well, we’ve got to the end of October, the clocks have gone back and fireworks are beginning to sound in advance of Guy Fawkes Night. I tend to think about now as the end of the productive year and start … Continue reading
  • End of September 2019 Update - So, we’ve reached the end of September and autumn is beginning to make itself felt. The days are already noticeably shorter and the temperatures are starting to drop. The polytunnel has certainly slowed down, french beans have produced less than … Continue reading
  • End of August 2019 Update - (I forgot to publish this before the end of August but it still makes sense even two weeks later) We’re now at the end of August and the Polytunnel has continued to produce reasonable quantities of various things.But first the … Continue reading
  • End of July Update – 2019 - We’ve come to the end of July and the garden/polytunnel are both doing well with decent harvests of French Beans, Cucumbers and Courgettes adding to the Lettuce (which are still going well). However, the Radishes, Broad Beans and Peas have … Continue reading
  • End of June update - We’re at the end of June and the garden is looking OK. The vegetables are beginning to deliver with Sugar Snap Peas, Broad Beans and French Beans adding to the Lettuce and Radishes that we’ve been harvesting for a while. … Continue reading
  • How much food do you waste? - The other day I was reading an online article (at (it was raining) which finished with “people who grow their own waste less” and we should therefore replace the “farm to plate” production line with “garden to plate”. As … Continue reading
  • First Tomato of the year set - I was just looking in the polytunnel to make sure that the slug hadn’t been having another go at everything when I noticed we’ve got the first tomato set. Its Micro Tom, not one we’ve grown before which I decided … Continue reading
  • Polytunnel Activity, Planting Tomatoes, Garden Birdlife, etc.. - Last year I gave up my allotment. It was too far away and not doing what I wanted (unlike many allotments, despite the fact there are over 100 plots, rarely are there any people about. Everybody seems to go on … Continue reading
  • Tomatoes for 2019 -
  • Tomato Balconi Red - Red Cherry heritage tomato on compact determinate plants. Description Acquired through the 2018 seed swap, this cultivar is common on the web. Its a short (12 inch) determinate cherry tomato, similar in description to Tiny Tim, Micro Tom, Red Robin … Continue reading