Tomato – Rubylicious

Red Cherry tomato on disease resistant plants. Description This blight resistant Open Pollinated cherry tomato has small (15g) fruits and is supposed to have an excellent flavour, a mixture of sharp & sweet which is good in a cherry tomato. One of the free seeds we received in 2022, its unlikely that we can make…… Continue reading Tomato – Rubylicious

Tomato – Indigo Cherry Drops

Purple Cherry tomato on Indeterminate plants Description An improvement on Indigo Rose, this purple cherry tomato was bred at Oregon State University by Dr Jim Myers. Its colour is derived from the parents which include wild tomatoes from Peru or the Galapagos Islands. Its a prolific cropper with up to 1000 30gram fruit in ideal…… Continue reading Tomato – Indigo Cherry Drops

Tomato – Primabella

Blight Resistant open pollinated Red Cherry tomato on Indeterminate plants. Description This juicy cherry tomato produces large cherry fruit (~30g) on plants that seem to be resistant to late blight and so the plants can produce fruit over a long season, resistant to many of the problems associated with growing tomatoes outdoors in the UK.…… Continue reading Tomato – Primabella

Tomato – Garnet

A Reddish/Brown Cherry tomato on Indeterminate Plants Description This tasty cherry tomato is bred from Sweet Aperitif and so has a wonderful sharp taste. It supposedly has heavy yields over a long period of time in the summer, starting early and finishing late. It sounds similar to Brown Berry (a tomato we like a lot)…… Continue reading Tomato – Garnet

Tomato – Summer Frolic

Early, Red Standard Tomato on Indeterminate Plants Description Another of the packets of free seeds received in 2022. The description suggests that its “just another” small to medium standard red tomato, similar to Moneymaker, etc. (although it may be slightly smaller). The wording also suggests that it is “exceptionally early” although other places give “cropping…… Continue reading Tomato – Summer Frolic

Tomato – Faworyt

Red/Pink Late Harvesting Beefsteak on Indeterminate plants Description A Polish cultivar ( the name translates a “Favourite”) its variously described as “Early” or “Late” (about 80 days?) and “virtually seedless” to “heavily seeded” so my guess is that its a fairly standard Beefsteak, similar to Mortgage Lifter or Pink Brandywine both of which grow well…… Continue reading Tomato – Faworyt

Tomato – Baby Pink Plum (F1)

A pink cherry F1 Hybrid tomato on Indeterminate plants Description Along with a number of other F1 Hybrids, this is a free packet of seeds I’ve been given in 2022. The colour of this looks very similar to Garden Pearl but that is a determinate cultivar. If you look at the list you’ll see that…… Continue reading Tomato – Baby Pink Plum (F1)

Tomato – Sweet Success (F1)

Red Cherry F1 Hybrid tomato on Indeterminate plants. Description This cherry tomato is said to have a superb flavour, lots of heavy trusses and includes resistance to many diseases. When we get round to growing it we will compare it to other, non-hybrid varieties such as Red Berry and Christmas Grapes that we’ve grown in…… Continue reading Tomato – Sweet Success (F1)

Tomato – Jersey Devil

Red, long shaped, cooking tomato on Indeterminate Plants Description An excellent cooking tomato which crops heavily and cooks well (provided you let it get really ripe). We grew it for the first time in 2021 from the 2019 seed swap. We would grow it again for cooking (as a salad tomato it lacks flavour). From…… Continue reading Tomato – Jersey Devil

Tomato – Shirley

Early cropping Standard F1 Hybrid Red Tomato on Indeterminate plants. Description Shirley is a popular F1 Hybrid tomato which produces large trusses of fruit on strong, open plants. It has good resistance to a number of pests & diseases. We don’t in general grow it because its an F1 Hybrid. We’ll add pictures as they…… Continue reading Tomato – Shirley