Tomato Orange Berry

Orange cherry heritage tomato on indeterminate plants. Description Orange Berry is a bright orange cherry tomato with very sweet flavour with bite. An early/mid ripening, indeterminate, regular leafed plant, the long trusses of pale green tomatoes ripen to bright orange,are very tasty and crop well into the season. An excellent complement to the red and…… Continue reading Tomato Orange Berry

Tomato Marizol Gold

Orange, beefsteak, heritage tomato on indeterminate plants. Description Marizol Gold is another Orange, Round Beefsteak, similar in many aspects to Mandarin Cross but a little more red colour to the skin and red flecks in the flesh. We like the taste, its creamy and smooth. It is said to originate from Germany but has been…… Continue reading Tomato Marizol Gold

Tomato Mandarin Cross

Large orange/yellow round beefsteak heritage tomato on indeterminate plants. Description This Orange/Yellow relatively large (5-8 ounce) fairly round tomato has a sweet flavour and a smooth texture without getting to be mealy. We grew it in 2014 when it didn’t crop as well as Summer Cider although (in some respects) it was better (it doesn’t…… Continue reading Tomato Mandarin Cross

Tomato Jumbo Jim Orange

Orange, Beefsteak, open pollinated tomato on indeterminate plants. Description An excellent large orange beefsteak, similar in appearance to Summer Cider. However, its a regular leafed plant and the flavour doesn’t (in my opinion) have the depth of sweetness of Summer Cider. We’re not sure of the history of this cultivar, like many varieties it appears…… Continue reading Tomato Jumbo Jim Orange

Tomato Jubilee

Golden Yellow, Beefsteak heritage tomato on indeterminate plants. Description Tomato Jubilee is a beefsteak tomato with 1-2 lb golden yellow/orange fruit with few seeds and a mild but complete flavour. The regular leafed indeterminate plants grow 4-6ft tall. There seems to be some debate as to where these have originated from as there are different…… Continue reading Tomato Jubilee