Tomato Craigella

A standard Red tomato on Indeteminate vines Description Another of the selection from the 2019 seed swap that we didn’t have the space to grow, this heritage cultivar is said to be a selection from Ailsa Craig with very similar properties but without the greenback problems. If that’s the case then (unfortunately) it goes on…… Continue reading Tomato Craigella

Tomato Urban’s Delight

From the 2019 seed swap something we are yet to know exactly what it is but probably something like Gardener’s Delight. Description This is a slightly unusual activity. The allotment website that we visit had a “largest truss” competition and this was the winner (in fact it had such a large truss that nobody else…… Continue reading Tomato Urban’s Delight

Tomato Father Frost

A “standard” red tomato on short potato leafed indeterminate vines Description This tomato is from the 2019 seed swap so this page will be updated as we get more information As a potato leafed variety, it is a little different from the standard tomato. However, it is supposed to be early and (in our experience)…… Continue reading Tomato Father Frost

Tomato Radio

Red large cherry tomato on indeterminate regular leafed plants.. Description Trying to find any information about this cultivar from the web was impossible because of the large number of hits about “Tomato Radio”. Regardless of what I tried to do to sort the wheat from the chaff I didn’t get anywhere. So what’s here is…… Continue reading Tomato Radio

Tomato Homosa

Medium sized red heritage tomato on an indeterminate plant. Description From the 2018 Seed Swap. A cultivar maintained by the Heritage Seed Library, and that’s all I can find on the web, no information as to where it comes from or anything. These started ripening in August 2019. My problem is that 2019 is being…… Continue reading Tomato Homosa

Tomato Balconi Red

Red Cherry heritage tomato on compact determinate plants. Description Acquired through the 2018 seed swap, this cultivar is common on the web. Its a short (12 inch) determinate cherry tomato, similar to Tiny Tim, Micro Tom, Red Robin and others. Our comparison in 2019 showed that this cultivar was a worthwhile competitor to Red Robin…… Continue reading Tomato Balconi Red

Tomato German Red Strawberry

Large oxheart red open pollinated tomato on indeterminate plants. Description From the 2018 Seedswap, I grew this for the first time in 2019. Its a bit like Sunset’s Red Horizon although (in my experience) a bit less pointed (searching the web seems to indicate that their shape can be inconsistent). According to the web, its…… Continue reading Tomato German Red Strawberry

Tomato King George (Kennilworth)

Medium sized red heritage tomato on an indeterminate plant. Description From the 2018 Seed Swap. Described on the web as a 1930’s cultivar grown extensively in Kenilworth Warwickshire. Now the problem that I have with Commercial Cultivars that fall out of fashion is that is usually a reason – poor flavour, growth, volume or such…… Continue reading Tomato King George (Kennilworth)

Tomato Livingston’s Favourite

Medium sized red heritage tomato on an indeterminate plant. Description From the 2018 Seed Swap. This is described across the web as a very old variety (introduced in 1883) in the Livingston Seed Catalogue. Said to have good flavour, etc. so we will see how it compares to others. Unfortunately, it didn’t do anything. 2019…… Continue reading Tomato Livingston’s Favourite