Tomato Roughwood Golden Plum

An Orange Plum tomato on Semi Determinate Plants Description From the 2019 Seed Swap, another of those grown for the first time in 2021.. Its described as a Orange Plum tomato with two inch fruits with few seeds which is good for cooking and sauces. It is said to be a cross between Yellow Brandywine…… Continue reading Tomato Roughwood Golden Plum

Tomato Sub Arctic Plenty

Medium sized red Open Pollinated tomato on Semi-determinate plants. Description  Sub Arctic Plenty is a very early ripening medium sized tomato. The compact indeterminate (or determinate), regular-leafed plant produces round, mid-sized tomato between 4 – 6oz. The plants tend to sprawl and although they are indeterminate, they tend not to climb up stakes and a…… Continue reading Tomato Sub Arctic Plenty