Sowing Tomatoes – 2022

I selected the tomato seeds I planned to sow this year and found that many of them are quite old. Nonetheless, I’ve given them a whirl and hope that they will germinate. I’ve sown 29 different varieties (30 pots because I’ve grown two different lots of my Oleron Yellow because I still seem to have…… Continue reading Sowing Tomatoes – 2022

2022 – Deciding which Tomatoes to Grow

At this time of year, I always have a problem deciding which tomato cultivars to grow. When I first started growing tomatoes and recording what I’d grown (a long time ago now it seems), I had plenty of space and an allotment so I grew lots of plants of lots of different cultivars (my record…… Continue reading 2022 – Deciding which Tomatoes to Grow

Tomato – Summer Frolic

Early, Red Standard Tomato on Indeterminate Plants Description Another of the packets of free seeds received in 2022. The description suggests that its “just another” small to medium standard red tomato, similar to Moneymaker, etc. (although it may be slightly smaller). The wording also suggests that it is “exceptionally early” although other places give “cropping…… Continue reading Tomato – Summer Frolic

Tomato – Divinity

Compact Semi-Determinate F1 Hybrid tomato with Red Fruit. Description UK bred F1 Hybrid Semi-Determinate tomato, ideal for container growing with reasonable sized fruit. A relatively long harvest season (July to late October depending on the weather), it needs to be compared with cultivars such as Zefen Short and Sandpoint which sound very similar from the…… Continue reading Tomato – Divinity

Tomato – Shirley

Early cropping Standard F1 Hybrid Red Tomato on Indeterminate plants. Description Shirley is a popular F1 Hybrid tomato which produces large trusses of fruit on strong, open plants. It has good resistance to a number of pests & diseases. We don’t in general grow it because its an F1 Hybrid. We’ll add pictures as they…… Continue reading Tomato – Shirley

Tomato Craigella

A standard Red tomato on Indeteminate vines Description Another of the selection from the 2019 seed swap that we didn’t have the space to grow, this heritage cultivar is said to be a selection from Ailsa Craig with very similar properties but without the greenback problems. If that’s the case then (unfortunately) it goes on…… Continue reading Tomato Craigella

Tomato Lukullus

A red standard sized heritage/open pollinated tomato on indeterminate vines. Description Another of the tomatoes from the 2019 seed swap that we didn’t have space to grow in 2020 so the description comes from the web, not our own experience. Said to be a German commercial variety from the 1900s and a cross between Danish…… Continue reading Tomato Lukullus

Tomato Father Frost

A “standard” red tomato on short potato leafed indeterminate vines Description This tomato is from the 2019 seed swap so this page will be updated as we get more information As a potato leafed variety, it is a little different from the standard tomato. However, it is supposed to be early and (in our experience)…… Continue reading Tomato Father Frost

Tomato Lemon Tree – Unusual shaped yellow fruit

A medium sized yellow tomato shaped a bit like a lemon with pointy end. Description We got this from the Lost Gardens of Heligan when we visited in June 2019. Obviously too late to try in 2019 so we grew this for the first time in 2020. Looking around the web it seems a slightly…… Continue reading Tomato Lemon Tree – Unusual shaped yellow fruit

Tomato Radio

Red large cherry tomato on indeterminate regular leafed plants.. Description Trying to find any information about this cultivar from the web was impossible because of the large number of hits about “Tomato Radio”. Regardless of what I tried to do to sort the wheat from the chaff I didn’t get anywhere. So what’s here is…… Continue reading Tomato Radio