Harvest – Beginning of September 2021

So, two weeks ago when I made my last harvest post we had harvested 4kg of tomatoes. What a difference a fortnight makes. We’ve now picked 20kg of tomatoes, had a significant number of bowls of tomato soup, made tomato sauce and chopped up tomatoes for the freezer and given a reasonable quantity away. Looking…… Continue reading Harvest – Beginning of September 2021

Recipe: Fish Pie (with tomatoes & Vegetables)

A simple to make, tasty fish pie recipe which links to our tomato and vegetable growing theme. As always, our recipes seem to be more Vegetables with … as we add extra vegetables compared to the original source. Adding Creme Fraiche makes the pie moist without spoiling the flavour. Ingredients (for 2) 500g mashed potatoes1…… Continue reading Recipe: Fish Pie (with tomatoes & Vegetables)

Recipe – Fantastic Simple Red Tomato Chutney

This year (as usual) we now have a glut of tomatoes. There are only so many one can chop up and freeze, or turn into tomato sauce or eat, so we’re aways looking out for other things to do with them. This year (2020) our mix of colours is heavily biased to wards red tomatoes…… Continue reading Recipe – Fantastic Simple Red Tomato Chutney

Tomato Lemon Tree – Unusual shaped yellow fruit

A medium sized yellow tomato shaped a bit like a lemon with pointy end. Description We got this from the Lost Gardens of Heligan when we visited in June 2019. Obviously too late to try in 2019 so we grew this for the first time in 2020. Looking around the web it seems a slightly…… Continue reading Tomato Lemon Tree – Unusual shaped yellow fruit

First Tomato of the year set

Micro Tom Tomato I was just looking in the polytunnel to make sure that the slug hadn’t been having another go at everything when I noticed we’ve got the first tomato set. Its Micro Tom, not one we’ve grown before which I decided we would grow to boost the number of small cherry tomatoes that…… Continue reading First Tomato of the year set

Tomato Radio

Red large cherry tomato on indeterminate regular leafed plants.. Description Trying to find any information about this cultivar from the web was impossible because of the large number of hits about “Tomato Radio”. Regardless of what I tried to do to sort the wheat from the chaff I didn’t get anywhere. So what’s here is…… Continue reading Tomato Radio

Tomato Homosa

Medium sized red heritage tomato on an indeterminate plant. Description From the 2018 Seed Swap. A cultivar maintained by the Heritage Seed Library, and that’s all I can find on the web, no information as to where it comes from or anything. These started ripening in August 2019. My problem is that 2019 is being…… Continue reading Tomato Homosa

Tomato Angelle

A red Cherry open pollinated tomato on Indeterminate plants Description From the 2018 Seed Swap saved from a supermarket purchase. Now, I don’t entirely agree with doing this, partly because commercial tomatoes are usually F1 hybrids (the commercial growers need consistency which heritage and open pollinated varieties don’t necessarily give) and I’ve also found that…… Continue reading Tomato Angelle

Tomato Balconi Red

Red Cherry heritage tomato on compact determinate plants. Description Acquired through the 2018 seed swap, this cultivar is common on the web. Its a short (12 inch) determinate cherry tomato, similar to Tiny Tim, Micro Tom, Red Robin and others. Our comparison in 2019 showed that this cultivar was a worthwhile competitor to Red Robin…… Continue reading Tomato Balconi Red