Tomato Homosa

Medium sized red heritage tomato on an indeterminate plant.


From the 2018 Seed Swap.

A cultivar maintained by the Heritage Seed Library, and that’s all I can find on the web, no information as to where it comes from or anything.

However, we will see in 2019.

August 2019 Update

These are beginning to ripen. My problem is that 2019 is being a bad year for tomatoes so I don’t know how they would compare in quantity with other similar standard red tomatoes (Ailsa Craig, Alicante, etc.) so its difficult to determine whether they are better or worse. From a flavour perspective, their “OK” nothing particularly special.

Quick Facts

  • Fruit Type: Standard
  • Fruit Shape: Round
  • Fruit Size: 1.5-2.5 inches
  • Fruit Colour: Red
  • Flesh Colour: Red
  • Plant Type: Indeterminate
  • Seed Type: Heritage
  • Leaf Type: Regular
  • Time to Ripe: Early
  • Taste: Sweet/Acidic
  • Fruit per Truss: 4-8
  • Truss Spacing: 12-15 inches
  • Alternatives:
  • Our Source: 2018 Seed Swap

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