Tomato Sungold

Orange cherry F1 hybrid tomato on indeterminate plants.


We only grew this in 2013, after which we decided that we would only grow F1 hybrids if there was a specific reason.

However, Sungold is an outstanding orange cherry tomato. The regular leafed indeterminate plant grows large numbers of 1/2 oz fruit whose taste rivals that of Gardener’s Delight. Sungold is one of the few hybrid tomatoes that we grow (we prefer to stick to heirloom and open pollenated varieties), we grow it for its excellent flavour and high yields.

Good resistance to Verticillium Wilt, Fusarium Wilt and Mosaic Virus.

Quick Facts

  • Fruit Type: Cherry
  • Fruit Shape: Round
  • Fruit Size: Small 1/2 oz
  • Fruit Colour: Gold/Orange
  • Flesh Colour: Orange
  • Plant Type: Indeterminate
  • Seed Type: F1 Hybrid
  • Leaf Type: Regular
  • Time to Ripe: Early (55-80 days))
  • Taste: Sweet
  • Fruit per Truss: 10+
  • Truss Spacing: 15-20 inches
  • Alternatives: Sungella
  • Our Source: Moles Seeds

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