Tomato Cultivars

We describe the tomato cultivars we have grown and places where you can buy the seeds and/or plants. (The list is not exclusive nor necessarily accurate but its the best we can do).Learn More

Greenhouse & Tunnel

Here we discuss what we’re growing in our greenhouses and netted tunnel. It used to be a polytunnel but got destroyed and now is covered by a net to protect its contents from the squirrels.

Outdoor Beds

A few years ago we gave up our allotment. At a 40 minute walk, it was too far away. Instead we invested in a couple of 6ft x 4ft raised beds and changed our polytunnel to a netted tunnel as well as growing some stuff in a raised bed in front of the tunnel.


This links to our pages of random recipes. All recipes include stuff we have grown ourselves (fruit & vegetables) which are highlighted in the ingredients.Recipe List


As well as the above, I’ve decided to add a few things about my random hobbies

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