Busy Blue Tits – 2022

Blue Tit Nest Box

Sitting quietly in the garden I watched the Blue Tits dashing in and out of the birdbox. They were delivering food to their young family hopping in and out about every ten minutes (or less). Its virtually impossible to get a still picture as they hop around for a few moments before leaping into the…… Continue reading Busy Blue Tits – 2022

Planting out Tomatoes – 2022

So, the plants have got to the stage where they’re large enough to plant out. I grow my tomatoes in a couple of small greenhouses (since my polytunnel failed last year) in “Morissons Flower Buckets (MFBs)”. (For those of you who don’t know about them, Morissons is a UK supermarket and one of the things…… Continue reading Planting out Tomatoes – 2022