2024 – Sown Tomatoes

OK, its a little late this year but I’ve at last got around to sowing my tomatoes for 2024. No new ones this year, I haven’t found any local suppliers who have something different that isn’t an F1 Hybrid. This means I’ve had to sort through my (200+) own varieties and sort out ones that either need refreshing and/or make up the mix that I want to grow. (I need to be more organised next year and order some seeds online from appropriate places). I’ve selected (probably) more than I’ve space for because, when I looked at them, some of the seeds are over ten years old and so may not germinate. So, I’m not going to list them until they’ve germinated because there’s no point in making the list only to find that half of them don’t pop their heads above the surface.

Anyway, with a collection of various colours and sizes, the season starts, even though its wet underfoot.