Airfix Lancaster Bomber: Part 4

All that’s really left to do is painting the outside of the bomber and fixing the remaining transfers. Many of the painting schemes assume the use of a spraygun but I don’t have one. I started by “undercoating” the outside of the model so that the subsequent coats would stick properly. I used a mix…… Continue reading Airfix Lancaster Bomber: Part 4

More spring flowers

As spring approaches, more flowers are beginning to show, Aconites and the first of the crocuses. Yet more spring flowers We’ve still got lots of leaves to clear up but the weather isn’t perfect.

Do you want to contribute?

This website is primarily about my experiences growing (mainly tomatoes). However, I’m thinking about widening the number of contributors. If you would be interested in making contributions on your experiences please contact me. If enough people are interested, then I’ll find a way of making it work.

Tomato – Golden Grape

Small Yellow Plum tomato of Indeterminate plants. Description This heritage tomato is very similar to Ildi, a small plum shaped tomato which hangs in large numbers in the truss. Its tasty, and ideal for snacking/ using in salads. There are a number of competing cultivars, all of which are very similar which is one of…… Continue reading Tomato – Golden Grape

2022 – Deciding what else to grow

Whilst most of what I write about is my tomatoes, there is also space for other vegetables and fruit, some of which are permanent and others which I have to decide about. I’ve already sown broadbeans which are growing well and will give us something in around May. The strawberry plants in the tunnel are…… Continue reading 2022 – Deciding what else to grow

Tomato – Gourmandia (F1)

Red Oxheart Beefsteak on H1 Hybrid Plants Description This F1 Hybrid Beefsteak tomato sounds very similar to Sunsets Red Horizon although (with a bit of luck) it sounds as though it might ripen a bit earlier in the season. The fruit are said to have few seeds and be meaty. The issue becomes whether they…… Continue reading Tomato – Gourmandia (F1)