Tomato – Tsungshigo Chinese

Tsungshigo Chinese

A brown plum shaped tomato on Indeterminate Plants Description A mid/late cropping brown plum shaped tomato very similar to Black Plum. The seeds were part of the 2019 swap but we didn’t get around to growing them for the first time until 2023. Fortunately the seeds seem to have kept and there was no issue…… Continue reading Tomato – Tsungshigo Chinese

Recipe – Tomato & Courgette Risotto

This year (2023) we seem have a glut of Courgettes. We have grown five plants (the same as we did last year) but so far (mid August) we’ve had more courgettes than we did for the whole of 2022 and there are more growing quickly. The tomatoes are not going as quickly (we’ve currently harvested…… Continue reading Recipe – Tomato & Courgette Risotto

How Much is Growing Your Own Worth?

We grow our own. Not on a large scale and certainly not enough to be self sufficient. Its essentially something to keep me occupied and for fun. However, I’ve always kept a record of what we harvest and tried to assign a value to that. My better half (frequently) gets cross because when there’s a…… Continue reading How Much is Growing Your Own Worth?

Tomato Greenback

Greenback (as the name suggests) is a problem with the tomato fruit where the shoulders of the fruit fail to ripen properly leaving you with hard, tasteless parts of the fruit. Its causes are similar to whitewall, too much light and/or heat as the fruit are maturing or lack of potassium or feed whilst the…… Continue reading Tomato Greenback

Tomato Seed Collection (2023)

Every year I collect tomato seeds for a number of reasons. Its simple to do and means that you only have to buy tomato seeds if you want to (my main reason to buy seeds is to increase the number of varieties I’ve grown in my effort to find the “best” range of tomatoes. Summer…… Continue reading Tomato Seed Collection (2023)

Tomato – Rainbow Blend

Multiple colours of small plum tomatoes on an Indeterminate Plant Description This is an F1 Hybrid which comes in a packet of multiple colours (red, yellow, orange). However, it is possible that the open pollenated plant will run true to the original colour (or at least the selected yellow tomato first grown in 2022 grew…… Continue reading Tomato – Rainbow Blend