Holiday in the Yorkshire Dales

Its two years since we’ve been away on holiday. COVID-19 has made us uncomfortable about going into other accommodation or staying in an hotel. However, althouh the numbers are still high we decided to go away and see how we felt. We had a lovely time, despite the weather (which was cold and wet at…… Continue reading Holiday in the Yorkshire Dales

Spring Flowers – 4


Another little cluster of pictures as the garden continues to perk up. Despite the heavy rain and strong winds everything is brighter than it was lighter both earlier in the morning and later in the evening.

Lancaster Bomber & Re-Supply

A few pictures of the final grouping of the Airfix kits. I’m wondering whether to buy a Diorama base to put it all together. The (unrealistic) scenario is the bomber being prepared for a sortie with some of the crew receiving a fnal briefing whilst the bombs are loaded and some of the chocks pulled…… Continue reading Lancaster Bomber & Re-Supply

Airfix – Bomber Resupply Set & RAF Personnel

Having finished my Lancaster Bomber and found it wanting in some ways. I bought the Bomber Resupply Set and some RAF Personnel so that I could add to the Lancaster and make some form of display. Both arrived safely and seemed complete. The Personnel are of a different plastic to the other models, much softer…… Continue reading Airfix – Bomber Resupply Set & RAF Personnel

Spring Flowers – 3

Every day when I go out into the garden. I’m surprised how quickly things are appearing. The clumps of snowdrops are getting bigger and the crocuses seem to be spreading still further and other flowers are showing themselves. Today’s pictures: Iris Violet Camelia

Growing at Home – Last of the Carrots

Growing carrots is something that requires the soil to be of reasonable quality. We are clay and so our carrots never really grow very well, forking and stumpy. However, when I created the raised beds, I filled them with a mixture of garden compost, bought compost and well rotted farmyard manure. The result is a…… Continue reading Growing at Home – Last of the Carrots

Spring Flowers – 2

Its amazing how quickly the flowers are popping their heads up now that the days are getting longer. Over the past few years we’ve tried splitting up the spring bulbs around the garden and we’ve bought naturalising crocus which are spresding themselves through the lawns (almost out of control). The real problem with that will…… Continue reading Spring Flowers – 2

Chitting Potatoes

I haven’t grown potatoes since giving up the allotment. Even then, I really only grew them to fill space. However, this year I’ve decided to minimise the amount of time I spend growing vegetables but I still need to fill the various spaces. So, potatoes get a chance this year. I’ll plant a few in…… Continue reading Chitting Potatoes