Apple Harvest 2022

Todays Apple HArvest Dehydrating Discovery Eater OK, I’ve complained long and hard about the squirrels and magpies eating our apples and wondering what to do about it. I’ve even tried netting the trees and just succeeded in trapping birds. Well, they’ve started cropping now and I don’t know what to do with them all. The…… Continue reading Apple Harvest 2022

Tasty & Healthy Simple Vegetarian Lentil Loaf Recipe

This lentil loaf is something that we have reasonably frequently but only now have I decided to add it to the recipes on this website. The reason for doing this is that it today we made it using sieved juice from home grown tomatoes, rather than bought tomato juice. It seems to have worked well.…… Continue reading Tasty & Healthy Simple Vegetarian Lentil Loaf Recipe

Tomatoes Ripening Early (2022)

The hot spell we had a few weeks ago seems to have brought everything earlier than other years. This is possibly good or bad. We are about 6kg of tomatoes ahead of what we would have expected to pick by this time in an average year and it seems to be mainly down to the…… Continue reading Tomatoes Ripening Early (2022)

Today’s Harvest (August 2022)

The family have been here for the past week so it’s been difficult to know exactly how things are going. We had a heavy thunderstorm which broke the hot dry weather and, hopefully, will mean that some of the beans and courgettes will set and grow. It doesn’t affect the tomatoes because I have been…… Continue reading Today’s Harvest (August 2022)