Harvest – Beginning of September 2021

So, two weeks ago when I made my last harvest post we had harvested 4kg of tomatoes. What a difference a fortnight makes. We’ve now picked 20kg of tomatoes, had a significant number of bowls of tomato soup, made tomato sauce and chopped up tomatoes for the freezer and given a reasonable quantity away. Looking at the greenhouse there are still a lot to come, providing we can keep blight and other diseases at bay.

We’re also getting a reasonable crop of beans (French and Runner) (so we’re making relish), Courgettes and cucumbers (so we’ve made pickle). Carrots are coming along nicely, we’re still getting lettuce (with new seedlings of All-Year-Round being prepared for the winter) and the cabbages look like they’re hearting up nicely (providing we can keep the caterpillars away.

In terms of fruit, the Alpine Strawberries have ceased (too dry) but the Autumn Raspberries are providing a few bowlfulls a week. The apples are a “problem”. Not only are the squirrels continuing to do their worst but they’re now assisted by magpies and jays which knock holes in them. We’ve had our first picking from the eater and, probably because their aren’t many fruit, they’re large. Nevertheless they will see us for a few weeks.

Discovery Apples

Onward and upward, starting to prepare for the winter.