Recipe: Chicken Noodle & Vegetable Soup

This recipe really isn’t about the chicken or the noodles but about making something simple that uses whatever vegetables are in season. As such its slightly difficult to identify what are the ingredients we’ve added from our garden as its “anything you want” that will cook quickly.

The ingredients in italics are from our garden.

Ingredients (for two)

  • Chicken Breast
  • Chicken stock (quantity depends upon how many you’re cooking for)
  • 1/4 tsp chinese five spice;
  • Noodles (about 20g per person or more if you like it noodley);
  • Onion (Finely chopped);
  • Red Pepper (Finely chopped);
  • French Beans;
  • Sweetcorn;
  • Broad Beans;
  • Courgette;
  • etc..


  • Slice the chicken breast into smallish spoon sized pieces – they need to cook quickly and be small enough to fit on your spoon, you don’t want to be cutting them up;
  • Finely dice all the ingredients;
  • Make your stock and bring to the boil;
  • Add the chinese five spice and all the vegetables and cook for about 5 minutes;
  • Add the chicken and cook for another five minutes;
  • Add the noodles and cook for another five minutes;
  • Serve

I like to add a little Soy Sauce to give it an extra zing but others like it just as it is.