Tomato Cultivars

We describe the tomato cultivars we have grown and places where you can buy the seeds and/or plants. (The list is not exclusive nor necessarily accurate but its the best we can do).

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Greenhouse & Polytunnel

Here we discuss what we’re growing in our greenhouses and polytunnel (mainly tomatoes but also other things)

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Allotment & Outdoor Beds

What we grow at our allotment & in our outdoor beds at home.

Allotment Posts


This links to our pages of random recipes. All recipes include stuff we have grown ourselves (fruit & vegetables) which are highlighted in the ingredients.

Recipe List

Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer and I’m programming it for various things.

Raspberry Pi

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  1. Margaret Donnelly says:

    I found you my accident because I was trying to find the name of the tomato seed that came free last year in Gardeners World. I am new to gardening and last year was the first time I actually managed to have ripe tomatoes most of the summer and into October. I have a small greenhouse.
    My husband was disappointed that I hadn’t bought the same variety as last year as I decided to experiment with other varieties plus I couldn’t remember the exact name of the free seed.
    Anyway thank you so much because you had the name listed – all I remembered was that it began with the letters ‘mas’, had a t and a k in its name. Found it – Maskotka. even better I clicked through to Mr Fothergill’s to purchase. Keep up the excellent work. Thanks Margaret

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