2023: A Slower year for tomatoes

Every year, I try to keep a record of how my tomatoes (and other vegetable & fruit) are harvesting. Its interesting how each year is different.

2023 has been slow for tomatoes and, as I’ve said elsewhere, the tomatoes are ripening unevenly with greenback on many cultivars. So far (24th August) we’ve had around 12kg of fruit which compares with 27kg by the same time last year, 16kg in 2021 and 26kg in 2020. I will admit that I’m growing fewer plants this year but not enough for this scale of difference. The only real difference is the weather. Compared to my memory of last year, it was hooter and drier in June then cooler and wetter in July and the start of August but now is getting back to something more normal.

The result is as you see, a delay in the crop and not as good crop.

The same can’t be said of the courgettes which are producing in high volume (11kg in 2023 vs 2.5kg in 2022) so we have a different form of glut this year.

I will admit that there are lots of tomatoes still to come so overall, my guess is that we will get a decent , if slightly later, harvest.

The greenhouse 24/8/2023 – lots of fruit, not much ripe