2023 – First Tomatoes

We were so excited when we finally harvested our very first batch of tomatoes this week. It was such a rewarding moment. There weren’t that many, just a handful, but it still felt like a significant accomplishment. Surprisingly, they ripened a bit earlier than we anticipated. It’s interesting how nature sometimes works in mysterious ways, leaving us wondering about the reasons behind such occurrences. As for the variety we cultivated, it’s called Garden Pearl. We took the time to nurture these beautiful plants from the moment we planted the seeds. It took a total of 56 days for them to grow and reach the perfect stage for picking. Personally, I believe this to be a commendable timeframe. All the effort and patience we put into it truly paid off.

The squirrels are doing their normal thing to the apple trees so I’m not sure how much fruit we’ll get from them. One thing that’s interesting is the number of fruit set. The eater (Discovery) blossoms a week or two earlier than the cooker (I can’t remember what that is). Its obvious that we must have had a cold snap discouraging the insects because the Discovery is a bit thin on fruit but the cooker is heavy and will need thinning out once the June drop has finished.