Crows & Moss

I mentioned the other day that the crows are having a go at the moss in our “lawn”. Just to prove what they are doing here are a couple of photos and videos. Raked up Moss A wheelbarrow full One Crow working on their own Two crows working harder Now, I don’t know what they…… Continue reading Crows & Moss

2024 – Comma Butterfly

We’ve seen a number of Brimstone Butterlies so far this year but this feels like the earliest I’ve even seen a Comma (as ever all that means is they’ve flitted away before I got sight of them). A brief video of it sat there in the breeze.

2024 – More Flowers

As spring continues, we’re getting yet more flowers showing through. Fritillaria, epimedium, more hybridised primulas, hellebores. The crows are also having a go at our “lawn” again, pulling up the moss. It seems that they’re looking for things to eat underneath rather than nest building. Sowed some lettuces today, hopefully they’l start to produce in…… Continue reading 2024 – More Flowers

Spring is Springing – at last

Although I haven’t started looking at my tomato season yet this year, its pleasant to see that the garden is at last breaking into spring. Its still wet and soggy underfoot but the bulbs and plants are starting to show that they like the warmer weather. Spent some time this afternoon tidying and planting strawberry…… Continue reading Spring is Springing – at last

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Physalis – Fruit for late in the year

Along with tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers, my greenhouses usually house a couple of physalis (cape gooseberry) plants. These aren’t the ones with bright red lanterns but the ones that are served in restaurants with your desert. They are perennials but there’s always the probability that they won’t survive the winter so I grow new plants…… Continue reading Physalis – Fruit for late in the year

A Damp Week in the Yorkshire Dales

We love the Yorkshire Dales, it’s our go-to holiday destination. Lots of things to see and places to walk. This break was in Dentdale, somewhere that we’ve been near but not actually walked around before. Dent itself is a beautiful little village. The only proble is the narrow, cobbled high street which barely has room…… Continue reading A Damp Week in the Yorkshire Dales

Assisted Natural Pest Control (Harlequin Ladybirds)

I extended my vegetable bed a bit in July and took the opportunity of additional space to sow some more dwarf french beans. They’ve grown well and are extending my french bean season as they started cropping at the beginning of the month (September). However, they are becoming infested with blackfly. As you will know,…… Continue reading Assisted Natural Pest Control (Harlequin Ladybirds)

Recipe – Courgette Pickle

Unlike 2022, 2023 was not a fantastic year for cucumbers, there were as many as we needed (around 10 over the summer months) but not enough to make pickle. However, the courgettes have done well, particularly the “Tromba d’Albenga”. These are a climbing variety which grow fruit up to about one metre in length. The…… Continue reading Recipe – Courgette Pickle