Airfix Lancaster Bomber: Part 4

All that’s really left to do is painting the outside of the bomber and fixing the remaining transfers. Many of the painting schemes assume the use of a spraygun but I don’t have one.

I started by “undercoating” the outside of the model so that the subsequent coats would stick properly. I used a mix of white & green watered down to provide this basecoat.

The underside was painted black (one coat). I watered down the pain a bit because I wanted to do multiple coats but not loose the detail. I then painted the brown, roughly following the scheme given in the instructions.

Then I finished the painting and fitted the transfers. Now some of the transfers are so small that its hard to justify them except for the level of detail.

All that’s left is to decide on the bombload and to fit that. However, deciding that depends upon what I do with the Bomber Resupply kit and the people which I’m now working on.

Final Points: Yes I finished the model and I enjoyed it (and I’m going to make the resupply kit). However, there are bits left over which aren’t explained, the propellers (which I mentioned earlier), a gun turret (does it go into the space underneath?), some little aerials and a perspex cover. I’ve been through the plans and a I’ve looked on the Airfix website and can’t find what they might be for. I have a feeling that the sprues are used for multiple models in which case the instructions should point out that “these pieces are not required for this model” or something like that. It would also be nice if the website included a “step by step” model build and painting scheme. Airfix possibly need to get themselves into the modern world and make better use of their website.

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