Airfix – Bomber Resupply Set & RAF Personnel

Having finished my Lancaster Bomber and found it wanting in some ways. I bought the Bomber Resupply Set and some RAF Personnel so that I could add to the Lancaster and make some form of display. Both arrived safely and seemed complete. The Personnel are of a different plastic to the other models, much softer and I’m not sure how the paint will stick. Again the website was incomplete with colour 110 (natural wood) not included in the list. However as I have now acquired various browns; greens and yellows, mixing something that approximates to a brown for the wooden boards on the scaffolding isn’t an issue.

The Re-Supply Set includes a Bedford Truck; Standard Tilly (Utility Vehicle); David Brown Tractor; Oil Bowser; Scaffolding Trestle; Bombs; Bomb Trolleys; motorbike; and a load of little bits (toolbox for heavens sake) to make a suitable diorama of a plane being re-armed. The RAF personnel include a number of men doing various things, some of which are probably not appropriate for a bomber resupply but which none-the-less will be fun to paint.

I decided not to start with the Bedford Truck (despite this being the first item in the instructions) as this has options to be either a light truck or a water carrier and the decision as to which has to be made right at the start.

So I started with the David Brown Tractor and the Motorbike.Both were fun to construct but three parts to make the motorbike were fiddly and they easily drifted apart whilst drying. Anyway they were built and look like this:

I realise I should have taken pictures during construction but I forgot. It would be nice to have a driver, maybe I have to find a collection of seated people that I can modify.

Anyway. On to the next part.

Bedford Truck