Another Squirrel Bites the Dust

I’ve written about my battles with the squirrels before. At the moment they are concentrating on collecting and burying acorns around the garden.

It doesn’t really matter as most of the vegetables and fruit are picked and either eaten or stored for later. The only things that are left are carrots and lettuces.

However, concentrating too much on acorns has made them vulnerable. The local black and white cat caught, killed and took away another squirrel the other day. That makes three this year that I’ve seen (and I guess there could have been others when I wasn’t watching). The ones I saw earlier in the year were youngsters but this one was fully grown and fattening up for the winter.

I tried to get a picture but wasn’t quick enough. The cat went up the garden and, still clutching the (now dead) squirrel, jumped over the fence and away. He’s a tough little cat.

Despite his usefulness at culling the squirrels, I still would prefer it if he didn’t come into the garden as I’ve seen him take birds as well.