Crows & Moss

I mentioned the other day that the crows are having a go at the moss in our “lawn”. Just to prove what they are doing here are a couple of photos and videos. Raked up Moss A wheelbarrow full One Crow working on their own Two crows working harder Now, I don’t know what they…… Continue reading Crows & Moss

2024 – More Flowers

As spring continues, we’re getting yet more flowers showing through. Fritillaria, epimedium, more hybridised primulas, hellebores. The crows are also having a go at our “lawn” again, pulling up the moss. It seems that they’re looking for things to eat underneath rather than nest building. Sowed some lettuces today, hopefully they’l start to produce in…… Continue reading 2024 – More Flowers

The Birds think spring is on the way

Despite the cold weather (heavy frosts for the last few days) the birds seem to think that spring isn’t that far away. The days are starting to get longer and the birds are starting to look for nesting sites with the blue tits and great tits taking a look inside the nestboxes. In the last…… Continue reading The Birds think spring is on the way

Tomatoes for 2023 and other things

I’ve been sorting through my tomato seeds and trying to work out what to grow in 2023. As ever, its a balancing act, trying to select a range of cultivars that meet the conflicting needs of an amateur grower with not a lot of space. I have seeds for around 200 different cultivars and (as…… Continue reading Tomatoes for 2023 and other things

First signs of Spring 2023

Although it’s been a mild winter with only a few days of frost and no snow (as yet), it’s still nice to see the first signs of spring. The evenings are light later, the birds are collecting around the feeders and the snowdrops and aconites are starting to show colour. We’ve managed to protect the…… Continue reading First signs of Spring 2023

Another Squirrel Bites the Dust

I’ve written about my battles with the squirrels before. At the moment they are concentrating on collecting and burying acorns around the garden. It doesn’t really matter as most of the vegetables and fruit are picked and either eaten or stored for later. The only things that are left are carrots and lettuces. However, concentrating…… Continue reading Another Squirrel Bites the Dust