At Last! – Tomatoes starting to Ripen & other things

About two weeks later than normal, our tomatoes are beginning to show signs of ripening. Although we normally get a few tomatoes starting around 11th July, this year they seem late. I think its a combination of not growing the cultivars that are reliably early (Bloody Butcher and Maskotka and a cold spring. However, as usual, the excitement of seeing fruit changing colour is wort the wait. I have no doubt in a couple of weeks, I’ll be moaning about being swamped by more tomatoes than we can eat and the effort of separating seeds and freezing tomatoes.

As regards everything else, the French Beans are doing fine, with regular crops of enough to go with our evening meal. I’m hoping that we’ll get a glut to let me make a few jars of Bean Chutney which is something that we make enough of to take us through to Christmas. The courgette plants are running away, getting bigger every day and we’re again getting enough to eat them most days (we pick them small so that the glut is manageable).

The cucumbers are also producing enough to mean that we can have them at lunch most days. Lettuce (as always) runs to seed before we’ve had the chance to eat most of them. We had a Basil harvest today and made a few pots of pesto, some of which will go in the freezer to last out the season. The cabbages are beginning to heart up and we’re having to keep an eye on them for caterpillars (we picked half a dozen off the other evening). The sweet and chilli peppers are growing strongly and I’ve had to top out the physalis in the greenhouse before it pushes the glass out.

The strawberries are finished (we’ve started taking runners for next year) but the raspberries look like they will produce a crop of some sort soon (we’ve had a couple but that doesn’t really count).

Finally the carrots and beetroot are showing decent roots but the Swiss Chard looks like its going to be a failure.

So, all in all a productive time which will be over all to soon.