Physalis – Fruit for late in the year

Along with tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers, my greenhouses usually house a couple of physalis (cape gooseberry) plants. These aren’t the ones with bright red lanterns but the ones that are served in restaurants with your desert. They are perennials but there’s always the probability that they won’t survive the winter so I grow new plants…… Continue reading Physalis – Fruit for late in the year

Tomato Seed Collection (2023)

Every year I collect tomato seeds for a number of reasons. Its simple to do and means that you only have to buy tomato seeds if you want to (my main reason to buy seeds is to increase the number of varieties I’ve grown in my effort to find the “best” range of tomatoes. Summer…… Continue reading Tomato Seed Collection (2023)

June 2023 – How things are progressing

Until now, June has been hot & dry meaning that the tomato plants in the greenhouses have got away well. Most plants have now got fruit set and, my guess is, we will start to see fruit ripening over the next few weeks (my records show that we get ripe fruit starting mid-July). The dry…… Continue reading June 2023 – How things are progressing

Tomato Seedlings on the way

Tomatoes, Peppers & Physalis Despite the relatively cold weather over the last two weeks, the seedlings are beginning to push their way forward. Of the seeds I sowed, only one variety failed to germinate at all, the seeds were really quite old but I think I might have another go. The peppers and physalis are…… Continue reading Tomato Seedlings on the way

The Birds think spring is on the way

Despite the cold weather (heavy frosts for the last few days) the birds seem to think that spring isn’t that far away. The days are starting to get longer and the birds are starting to look for nesting sites with the blue tits and great tits taking a look inside the nestboxes. In the last…… Continue reading The Birds think spring is on the way