Growing at Home – Last of the Carrots

Growing carrots is something that requires the soil to be of reasonable quality. We are clay and so our carrots never really grow very well, forking and stumpy. However, when I created the raised beds, I filled them with a mixture of garden compost, bought compost and well rotted farmyard manure. The result is a light, friable soil mix which seems to grow carrots quite well.

In previous years, I’ve mixed carrots with beetroot but last year (2021) I decided to grow mainly carrots with just a few radishes at one end. The result has been a steady supply of carrots from the beginning of August with the last being picked today. We haven’t only had our own carrots, we sometimes have a veg. box and there will somethimes be carrots in that but my guess is we’ve probably had 10 – 20 kilos of carrots (need to keep better records this year). This year my plan is dedicate a whole raised bed to carrots (and I bet I get carrot-fly and other problems).

Some of the carrots went into the “winter slaw” with red cabbage and dressing and the rest into our sausage casserole for this evening which is presently in the slow cooker.