July 2021 summary

Here we are at the beginning of July and our tomatoes are doing well. Most have fruit set and growing and the plants are well established. This year I am keeping the indeterminate varieties to a single cordon rather than as I did last year, letting all of the sideshoots grow. I’m also planning to stop the plants when five trusses are set to make sure that we don’t end up with a load of green tomatoes.

As to the rest of the garden, the physalis are growing and the plant that survived the winter looks like it’s going to have fruit earlier than normal, we’ve been picking strawberries (about 500 grams which isn’t much but they’re new plants), we had the first courgettes and French beans today and the second lot of radishes are beginning to bulk up. The broadbeans are producing a reasonable crop but we’ve had to pull up some of the plants because they’re heavily infested with blackly which were starting to spread to the courgette plants.

Anyway, that’s it.