Perhaps Tomatoes? – August 2021

With any luck we’re just beginning to see the start of the season with a small quantity (350g) just beginning to ripen. The season is well behind last year (by now we’d picked around 8kg) but not far off what we picked by this time in 2019 so the season is obviously not with us.

We’ve also noticed that some of the new cultivars we haven’t grown before are obviously not what we were expecting. Lukullus and Black Mauri were identified to us as cherry tomatoes. However, both seem to be standard sized (although they haven’t ripened as yet) so either the source was wrong or the season is producing bigger tomatoes.

Apart from the tomatoes, most things seem to be going quite well, we’re getting enough beans & courgettes to keep us eating them and the carrots are looking well, ready to be picked when we want them.

The cabbages are beginning to heart up and the raspberries are producing the odd berry with lots looking like they’ll soon be ready.

The apples are feeding the squirrels!!