Tomato – Garnet

A Reddish/Brown Cherry tomato on Indeterminate Plants Description This tasty cherry tomato is bred from Sweet Aperitif and so has a wonderful sharp taste. It supposedly has heavy yields over a long period of time in the summer, starting early and finishing late. It sounds similar to Brown Berry (a tomato we like a lot)…… Continue reading Tomato – Garnet

Tomatoes – Heritage, Open Pollinated or Hybrid?

There are many (many) different varieties tomatoes. I have seen the figure 6,000 quoted and in some respects I feel this is possibly an underestimate. Tomatoes have two conflicting habits. On the one hand they cross easily (hence the large number of different varieties). On the other they are self-fertile and most varieties are unlikely…… Continue reading Tomatoes – Heritage, Open Pollinated or Hybrid?