Tomato – Indigo Cherry Drops

Purple Cherry tomato on Indeterminate plants Tomato Description An improvement on Indigo Rose, this purple cherry tomato was bred at Oregon State University by Dr Jim Myers. Its colour is derived from the parents which include wild tomatoes from Peru or the Galapagos Islands. Its a prolific cropper with up to 1000 30gram fruit in…… Continue reading Tomato – Indigo Cherry Drops

Tomato Purple Russian (Ukranian Purple)

Purple egg shaped heritage tomato on indeterminate plants. Description  Purple Russian (also known as Ukranian Purple) is an unusual 6 ounce, oblong (egg shaped) tomato with an excellent sweet flavour perfect for salads, salsa and sauces. The indeterminate, regular leafed plant produces a large quantity of fruit which vary in shape quite considerably but which…… Continue reading Tomato Purple Russian (Ukranian Purple)