Tomato Problems – Wilt

With September with us, I was hoping that the tomato season would be extended through this month and into (at least) next. I usually get tomatoes all the way through until mid-November with the late beefsteak varieties providing something all the way through.

However, this year (2020) I don’t think its going to be like that. The Bacterial Canker I wrote about earlier is now causing Wilt. The leaves are drooping and nothing I can do seems to improve the situation (in fact the normal advice seems to be to destroy the plants and cut ones losses. Its guilty of the discolouration of the fruit, the fruit dropping green and mould on the plants, leaves and fruit. So I think I’ll be luck if I get fruit for much more than a couple of weeks.

So nothing to be done for this year, I’ll pick what comes and keep the greenhouses as clear as I can of fruit and infected plants. A good clean of everything and no re-use of my compost next year and hope that its better.