Tomatoes & Carrot Thinnings for Soup

I keep on going on about how to try and deal with the glut of tomatoes, mainly freezing as tomatoes or sauce but this tomato soup recipe has two advantages. Firstly it uses a good quantity of fresh tomatoes and it also uses carrot thinnings to produce an excellent lunch.

Regardless of how careful I am about sowing my carrots, they’re always too close together and need regular thinning until I get to the point where the carrots are spaced enough to grow to a reasonable size. Its not so bad this year because of the dry weather but there are still plenty of carrots that need to be pulled up. The thinnings are too small to be used as a vegetable but can be used in the soup. The basic quantities (with about 200g of carrots) makes enough soup for four helpings even if you sieve out all of the skin and pips (which is how we prefer it). So, in general, we double up using 2kg of tomatoes and 400g of carrot thinnings and make enough soup to last us a few days.