Tomatoes in Pots – 2023

A little early this year, I’ve potted up my tomatoes into their final pots. I grow my tomatoes in what’s known as “Morrison’s Flower Buckets (MFB’S)”. MFB’S are sold cheaply and, with holes punched through the bottom, they seem to be an ideal size.

The benefit of growing them in individual pots is that there’s no competition between plants. I grow one plant of each of a number of different cultivars and, in the past when I grew tomatoes in growbags, one of the plants out-competed the others. In individual pots they don’t affect each other.

Using pots or flower buckets also means that the plants can be stood in trays and watered from below rather than above. This means that the plant develops deeper roots when searching for water and that you are less likely to damp the leaves when watering the plants. All in all a win-win.

For a short while, the plants in their pots will just be in the greenhouse but in a week or so when they’ve settled I’ll move the pots into their final spaces. You’ll notice that the pots have strings in them. I support the plants by winding them around strings which are tied up to supports running around the greenhouse. I find this is better than trying to use canes and tying the plants to the canes.

Finally, you’ll see that some of the pots are up on the rack to the right. Those are my determinate (bush) plants which will probably go outdoors when the weather is warm enough.