Tomatoes starting to finish – 2022

Ok, so the tomatoes are still producing a reasonable quantity (2.5 kg today) but it’s obvious that it won’t be going on for much longer.

Unusually it’s the beefsteak that are turning off first. Today we picked the last of the Aunt Rubies German Green and Black Krim. It’s a few weeks sooner than other years but I think it’s reflected in the total weight so far which is several kilos ahead of what we would normally expect. Whether the total weight will be larger than normal remains to be seen.

The beans ( French and runner) have not done as well this year, we are several kilos behind and most of the plants have died. The Runner Beans really suffered in the hot, dry spell with all of the flowers falling off and the plants haven’t recovered. There are a few beans still setting but the crop will be well short of previous years.

The courgettes might recover to some extent. Whilst all the flowers and fruit fell off in the hot spell, the cooler, damper weather has encouraged a new crop. It remains to be seen how long they will crop, essentially when the first frost occurs.

The local supermarket has been selling off cheap seeds so I sowed some American Land Cress today. I somehow doubt if it will be at all productive but, with seeds at only a few pence, it doesn’t really matter.