2022 – Spring is Springing

Our garden is a woodland garden, surrounded by trees in neighbouring gardens and a 100 year old oak in the middle of ours (see here to get the idea). Its not good for trying to grow fruit and vegetables as much of the garden is in partial shade through the summer months but its meant that over the years we’ve planted spring flowering bulbs so that we get an early display.

Snowdrops are just beginning to show, a sign that winter is passing and it will get warmer and nicer over the coming weeks.

First Snowdrops

You can see that there’s a lot of leaves in the garden, we’re still clearing them up, Oak, Sycamore as well as apple from our fruit trees. The leaves generate a lot of leaf mould but over the last few years we’ve invested in a garden waste collection because there are too many for us to use.

Anyway, as spring progresses, we’ll get crocus, daffodils & lots of other early flowers.