Airfix – Bomber Resupply – 2

Having looked at the various options, I decided that the next thing to build was the Bedford Truck. Because there is an Oil Bowser, I decided that I would just make the truck, rather than the water carrier.

This was the first model that I got significantly wrong. The rear axle has a hole in it where it joins to the transmission and I thought that the transmission had to fit into the hole. So I did and left it all to dry. It wasn’t until I got to the point of trying to fit the body onto the truck that I found that by doing it the way I had, the wheels were too far forward and the truck body wouldn’t fit over the wheels. Curse, swear and I had to unpick the rear axle, cut the transmission short and move the rear axle back a few millimetres. Not good, all sorts of bits had to be unglued and re-stuck after getting the truck body in (more or less) the right place. Fortunately, looking a bit beaten up probably isn’t a bad thing for the model. But what it did mean was that I forgot to paint the inside of the cab roof (visible from a specific angle) and I forgot to fit the spare wheel. This actually proved to be a benefit because the right place for the spare wheel is on the back of the cab which, once you’ve put the cover over the body is not visible. So I stuck it on the outside of the truck body which I think looks just as good and means its visible.

Putting the transfers on is really awkward. Lots of tiny transfers to give the final detail and (of course) I dropped one. Vanished completely, never to be found. So my truck is unique, the spare wheel’s in the wrong place and it isn’t properly identified. However, I’m pleased with it regardless.

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