Effects of Dry Weather

The weather this week has been hot, dry and windy. As a result, whilst the plants in the greenhouses are doing well and the tomatoes are starting to ripen in quantity, all the outside plants are suffering and need copious amounts of water. Even so, the runner beans have lost all their flowers and no beans have yet set.

The potatoes have also died back and so I think the harvest is going to be poor this year.

The fight with the squirrels over the apples has started with the squirrels already taking a number of apples each day.

I can only hope that we get a decent quantity of rain in the near future. Whilst it won’t improve the potatoes, the things like the courgettes will improve and the squirrels won’t need to eat all the apples and the water butts will get filled reducing the need for water from the mains.

I plan to make the first picking of the tomatoes tomorrow which will lead to me starting the annual seed saving activity.

I’ll let you know how I get on.