July 2020: First Tomatoes ripening

I’m not sure if its just because we are in partial lockdown (we were partially freed yesterday but that doesn’t make me want to go out unnecessarily) but I think I’m watching the tomatoes more closely than usual. Whilst the weather hasn’t been the best, there are signs that the crop will start soon. These three show changes from last week:

Whilst they’re none of them yet ripe enough to pick and eat, they’re certainly getting there. Maskotka are outside and are usually early but even so this year is a couple of days sooner than I’m used to. The Mountain Magic are a bit peculiar (if you read the detail in the entry for the cultivar, you’ll understand) and the Oleron Yellow is yellower than it looks in the picture and I really wouldn’t expect them to be ripening yet, maybe as its in a corner of the greenhouse its got more sun than normal. Some of the cultivars have reached the top of the greenhouse and s are going to be “topped out” in the next few days, just letting the last truss form so that I can take the tip out with a leaf above the truss.