Starting to sow other vegetables

The weather is certainly on the up with bright sunshine for the past couple of days. However, its still wet underfoot and the ground is quite soggy & cold.

So, for that reason, I have decided not to plant out my potatoes yet, despite the fact that the tubers appear to be well chitted and really would probably benefit (if the ground was better). None of that stopped me having a sowing spree. I sowed more lettuces (the last lot are already planted out in my raised beds which are less waterlogged), carrots, radishes (I find that only the first lot of radishes tend to be edible), courgettes, cucumbers, basil, swiss chard, beetroot and french beans. Some will survive and do well, other less so.

As you can see, the weather is bright and sunny and the snakes-head fritillaries are growing well under the apple trees which have yet to blossom.

One thing which is slightly strange this year is the number of sycamore seedlings. At the back of our garden (just over the fence) there are some large sycamore trees. This year we’ve got more seedlings growing than I’ve ever seen before. Whether its the dry summer last year or the wet spring this (or a combination of both) I don’t know but if we didn’t chop them down, it would soon be a forest.