Tomato Seedlings on the way

Tomatoes, Peppers & Physalis

Despite the relatively cold weather over the last two weeks, the seedlings are beginning to push their way forward. Of the seeds I sowed, only one variety failed to germinate at all, the seeds were really quite old but I think I might have another go.

The peppers and physalis are slower to get going but they have at last shown themselves and I’ll keep looking after them.

Today’s task is to pot up some of the seedlings, splitting them out from the cluster in a pot to one in each pot. Of course that makes life more difficult with a larger number of trays to bring in and out and more space needed both in the greenhouse and inside. My plan (as I will only require one or two of each cultivar) will be to molly-coddle a couple of plants and to leave the others in the greenhouse unless the weather forecast suggests its going to be really cold.

Everything in the garden is beginning to perk up but its staying wet with rain more or less every day. This means that the grass is growing and can’t be cut back. However, the main reason for mowing the lawn at the moment would seem to be to kill off the Sycamore seedlings. Whether its because of the weather last summer or the wet weather this spring, there seem to be more seedlings than ever this year.

One other thing. We have seen the Sparrowhawk a few times this year. Nearly managed to get a photograph of it sitting on the bird feeder but it was just too quick for me.