Tomato Father Frost

A “standard” red tomato on short potato leafed indeterminate vines Description This tomato is from the 2019 seed swap so this page will be updated as we get more information As a potato leafed variety, it is a little different from the standard tomato. However, it is supposed to be early and (in our experience)…… Continue reading Tomato Father Frost

Tomato Fred Limbaugh Potato Top

Pink Beefsteak heritage tomato on potato leafed indeterminate plants. Description Fred Limbaugh’s Potato Top (aka Limbaugh’s Legacy Potato Top) is one of the (fairly numerous) pink beefsteak tomato on indeterminate, potato leafed plants. They produce large numbers of large fruit (1-2lb) which are slightly flattened and fluted. Really tasty with fruity sweet flavours. The heirloom…… Continue reading Tomato Fred Limbaugh Potato Top