Tomato Principe Borghese

Red/Pink cherry heritage tomato on determinate plants. Description Principe Borghese is an Italian small paste tomato full of flavour and ideal for sauces and salads. An early/mid-ripening, determinate, regular leafed plant, the cherry tomatoes are about 1-2 oz. The plant is very prolific the fruit is ideal for salads, drying and cooking. The tomatoes can…… Continue reading Tomato Principe Borghese

Tomato Pink Brandywine

Pink/red beefsteak heritage tomato on Indeterminate potato leafed plants. Description Pink Brandywine is a pink-fleshed beefsteak tomato described as having “great tomatoey flavour” and “beautifully sweet, offset by a wonderful acidity”.  A late-ripening indeterminate, potato-leafed beefsteak tomato, this is possibly our favourite tomato (competes with Summer Cider). The large blush-pink fruits are 4-12oz on a…… Continue reading Tomato Pink Brandywine

Tomato Nectar Rose

Large pink/red cherry open pollinated tomato on strong indeterminate plants. Description Nectar Rose is a pretty cherry tomato just on the pink side of red with a slightly pointed shape. The large (for a cherry) tomatoes (they come in at about 2 ounces on average) hang in relatively small trusses (four or five fruit to…… Continue reading Tomato Nectar Rose

Tomato Henderson’s Wins All

Pink, beefsteak, heritage tomato on indeterminate plants. Description This Pink Beefsteak tomato grows on a vigorous indeterminate plant with regular leaves. Its quite late fruiting (like most Beefsteak) and the fruit are very similar to Pink Brandywine and Mortgage Lifter. This Heritage tomato was introduced in 1924 by a Peter Henderson as an improvement on…… Continue reading Tomato Henderson’s Wins All

Tomato Fred Limbaugh Potato Top

Pink Beefsteak heritage tomato on potato leafed indeterminate plants. Description Fred Limbaugh’s Potato Top (aka Limbaugh’s Legacy Potato Top) is one of the (fairly numerous) pink beefsteak tomato on indeterminate, potato leafed plants. They produce large numbers of large fruit (1-2lb) which are slightly flattened and fluted. Really tasty with fruity sweet flavours. The heirloom…… Continue reading Tomato Fred Limbaugh Potato Top