Today’s Harvest (August 2022)

The family have been here for the past week so it’s been difficult to know exactly how things are going.

We had a heavy thunderstorm which broke the hot dry weather and, hopefully, will mean that some of the beans and courgettes will set and grow. It doesn’t affect the tomatoes because I have been watering them but the grandchildren have been snacking on them so my figures might be slightly down. (Snacking is what they’re supposed to do so I don’t mind in the slightest)

Today’s picking concentrated on standard red tomatoes which we will use tomorrow to make some sauce. This sauce is simple to make and forms a perfect base for a pasta dish either on its own or with any other bits and pieces. We’ll probably use the courgette and perhaps some beans.

The tomatoes are mainly from the determinate plants, Sandpoint, Divinity and Balconi Red but, you can see a mix of others in some of the boxes.

We are slightly ahead of previous year’s harvests but it has been good weather for tomatoes so far.

Today’s harvest – 5.5kg tomatoes